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Accessories / Complementary Products

GLORIA offers an extensive range of accessories for preventive fire protection.
In addition to different extinguishing blankets, fire extinguisher protective hoods, and textile protective hoods/grid foils, we offer a comprehensive range of design stands and holders for the various fire extinguishers. In addition, our product range includes a variety of different signs and symbols.
Just take a look at our assortment.
Fire Blankets
GLORIA fire blankets are characterized by the highest quality. GLORIA fire blankets can be used for cooking oil and grease fires in commercial deep fryers and grease fryers up to a maximum capacity of 3 liters, as long as a safe approach to the source of the fire is still possible in case of emergency. A GLORIA grease fire extinguisher should therefore always be ready to hand.
For kitchen operations with deep fat fryers up to 50l capacity, the DGUV (rule GUV-R111) regulates the use of at least one fire extinguisher with proven suitability for extinguishing cooking oil and cooking fat fires with a preferred capacity of 6l to be kept on hand.
GLORIA fire extinguisher protection cover are ideal for protecting portable fire extinguishers and are offered with the option of wall mounting. In addition to the classic KWH-6 and FS-6/EK and KWH-12 protective hoods made of (solid) plastic, the "Truckbox kompakt" and "Bigbox" are particularly suitable for wall and vehicle mounting and ensure both protection and value retention of portable fire extinguishers against weather-related influences. The "Truckbox kompakt" is also the ideal storage place for a portable fire extinguisher for hazardous goods transports.
Textile protective hoods/grid foils
GLORIA textile protective hoods and grid foils are ideal for protecting portable and mobile fire extinguishers of sizes 6kg, 12kg and 50kg. They are waterproof and UV-resistant and can thus also be optimally used outdoors. The textile protective covers are available in orange and yellow, while the mesh foils are transparent.
We offer a wide range of wall and car holders for our fire extinguishers.
We recommend design stands wherever fire extinguishers are provided in large and representative spaces. Hotel lobbies, public buildings, entrance areas, and many more benefit from GLORIA design stands and columns.
Safety Flashlight
High-quality branded device  for securing danger zones in private areas, e.g. in case of accidents, especially at night. Ideally suited for self-securing or marking on private property or company premises.
Not approved for use on public roads.