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Certified environmental sustainability

GLORIA GmbH was successfully audited by the certification body of the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics and we are thus allowed to use the seal "Assured Sustainability".


But what does the seal of approval actually mean? It is an internationally recognised seal of quality that aims to improve the sustainability performance of companies and certifies ecological, economic and social sustainability. 

In our company, sustainability is reflected in many different processes throughout the entire organisation. For example, we pay attention to saving energy and water, minimising CO2 emissions and using timers. In addition, recycling, waste avoidance and waste separation are at the top of our agenda. Our human resources policy is also geared towards sustainability. Low staff turnover and a high number of local employees speak for themselves. For the well-being of our colleagues, we implement and enforce comprehensive concepts for health, well-being and further education. With all these individual sustainability competences, we meet the expectations of our customers and cooperation partners, from which everyone benefits. 

Careful treatment of nature and the environment is a matter of course for us and we want to show this to the outside world as well. Therefore, in a first step, we have provided 24 fire extinguishers with the "Commitment to Sustainability" seal of approvaland applied it to the fire extinguisher during production as part of the screen printing. In addition, our sales and service partners benefit from the certificate, as they are also allowed to use the seal in connection with our products.