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GLORIA Knowledge

With our new GLORIA Knowledge section, we would like to offer all interested parties a central and comprehensive information platform.
The new area focuses on news and interesting facts from various areas of preventive fire protection. Clearly arranged, we inform you about requirements and trends in the industry, give you background information on upcoming changes or clarify product application areas and special features.
Here you will find the information you need to feel safe and prepared.
Towards a fluorine-free future
The topic of fluorine-free fire extinguishers is becoming more and more present and alternatives for the fluorine-containing devices must be found in the future.
Here you will find all information on fluorine-containing extinguishing agents and everything around the topic of "fluorine-free extinguishing".
Lithium ion batteries
Lithium-ion batteries are both a blessing and a curse. High energy density on the smallest storage cell represents a quantum leap and harbours risks despite the most modern technology.