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GLORIA awarded DIGITAL PILOT 23 for outstanding digitalisation in the Warendorf district

GLORIA honoured with DIGITAL PILOT 23
On 23 August 2020, GLORIA GmbH was awarded the DIGITAL PILOT 23 by the Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung im Kreis Warendorf mbH (gfw). This prestigious award was presented for the first time this year and honours companies that play a pioneering role in the region through their progressive use of digital technologies, innovative business models and groundbreaking processes.
The award winners were selected by an independent and expert jury, which carefully analysed and evaluated the submitted projects.
GLORIA is extremely pleased to have received the DIGITAL PILOT 23 in the ‘Digital Business Models, Products and Services’ category for its VR Fire Trainer. This pioneering product solution not only attracted the attention of the jury, but also impressed the industry.
The VR Fire Trainer enables a new type of fire extinguisher training in the virtual world. By using virtual reality glasses (VR headset) and a dummy fire extinguisher, training participants enter various virtual environments and are guided through realistic exercises that simulate various fire scenarios. 
In the picture from left to right: Petra Michalczak-Hülsmann - Managing Director of gfw, Christian Thegelkamp - Mayor of the municipality of Wadersloh, Jürgen Petermann - Product Manager GLORIA, Marion Heidrich - Operational Director GLORIA, Dr Olaf Gericke - District Administrator NRW
‘Receiving the DIGITAL PILOT 23 award is an honour for us and a recognition of our efforts to turn digital innovations into meaningful applications. The VR Fire Trainer is a product we are proud of, as it not only increases the effectiveness of training, but also the safety of those who risk their lives every day to protect others’, says Marion Heidrich, Operational Director of GLORIA GmbH.
The award of the DIGITAL PILOT 23 marks a milestone in GLORIA's commitment to technological excellence and innovative advances. 
You can find more information about the VR Fire Trainer here.