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Winner of the GIT Safety Award 2024

VR Fire Trainer impresses and wins GIT Safety Award 2024
We are proud to present our VR Fire Trainer, which has earned us this award. The VR Fire Trainer is an innovative solution that makes it possible to simulate realistic fire scenarios in a virtual environment. By using the latest virtual reality technology, you can now prepare yourself effectively and safely for potential fire hazards.
The VR Fire Trainer offers numerous advantages over conventional training methods. It enables interactive learning in which the participants are actively involved in what is happening. The realistic presentation of fires and their effects allows them to gain valuable experience and apply their knowledge in practice. In addition, the VR Fire Trainer provides a safe environment for training without any real dangers.
‘We are delighted with this award and recognition of this pioneering product,’ says Marion Heidrich, Operational Director of GLORIA GmbH. ‘This award motivates us to continue working on innovative solutions in the fire protection sector’
If you would like to find out more about the VR Fire Trainer, click here.